MATRIX DPS's Self-adhesive Domed Labels are manufactured using the most modern production methods. Their basic characteristic is their volume, and their thickness which can reach up to 3 mm in height. The elastic transparent dome of clear polyurethane gives an impressive third dimension and exceptional durability to the labels.

Our labels are not regular stickers. They are Domed Labels .

Some of our labels are available in special colors. Some include:

1) Silver Mirror effect (Chrome)
2) Silver Matte
3) Gold Mirror effect
4) Gold Matte

The adhesion strength of the labels is very strong as long as the suitable gluing substrate is chosen for each individual application.

  • The STANDARD adhesive is suitable for surfaces that are smooth and flat.
  • The REINFORCED adhesive is suitable for surfaces that are harsh, porous or slightly convex.

Technical Specifications:

  • Temperature of use: from -30 ο C to +60 ο C
  • Minimum temperature during initial adhesion: +10 ο C
  • Outdoor durability: 5 years minimum
  • Water resistant and unbreakable .

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