MATRIX DPS is engaged exclusively in the design and production of self-adhesive DOMING LABELS. From its beginning in 1999 in the graphic arts area, the company innovates both in the use of new production techniques and in capital and human resources development.

Being the first company in Greece to specialize in doming label manufacturing, it capitalized on know-how brought from across the border cooperation with leading doming providers. With the passage of time MATRIX DPS stayed true to its values. New investments taking place almost every three years with a constant introduction of improved, flexible, efficient and, at the same time, ecological methods of production.

Our specialized staff seeks to serve customer needs so as to achieve the best possible outcome. Our vertically integrated production, equipped with the most current technology, ensures that this outcome will become a reality.

At all stages of production we maintain open channels of communication. After the completion of an order the information pertaining to it are stored in such a way as to be readily available for future reference if a recurring order is placed.

The MATRIX DPS team is ready to serve you. We will be very glad if you give us the opportunity to cooperate with you.